Friday, October 5, 2012

Can I Have Your Number?!?!?!

One of my friends won VIP tickets to see Jana Kramer tonight in SLC. This is so weird to me because about three months ago my friend Alex and I were discussing our celebrity crushes. Mine is Chris Young and his is Jana Kramer. I found myself winning the chance to meet Chris Young before a concert of his we were attending. Alex stopped on his way to the concert and made a sign for me to show him. Made my day! When my friend called me to invite me to tag along, Alex was the first person I thought of and how I had to talk to him about this. His response? "Hey Kell! You remember that one time when I hooked you up at Chris Young? I think you should at least give her my phone number." So if I get a chance to meet her tonight, I am giving her his number/calling him when I am in her presence. You're welcome Alex!!! We LOVE country music!

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