Monday, August 27, 2012

Too many trips to the hospital...

Just because I am a Registered Nurse does not mean that everyone gets to get admitted to the hospital!!! The Prusse family has had too many trips to the ER this month. My mom had emergency gallbladder surgery, my nephew had a severe asthma attack and was admitted to the hospital, my niece is having extensive tests done to figure out what could be going on with her, another niece had tubes put in her ears, and now my brother is have reconstructive surgery from complications with a bad jaw surgery in high school. Who will be admitted tomorrow??? Goodness gracious. This is not allowed family!!! We have never had medical complications before and this is not the time to start.

Cool story though to go along with all of this craziness. On Sunday we had Thanksgiving dinner. I know, it's not November. My parents wanted to have Thanksgiving while they were home this summer because they do not get to in China. Everyone in the family was over. Kids were running around like animals, babies crying, and the men just talking about sports. Let me tell you. Just like Thanksgiving! My mom was not feeling well earlier in the day so she left it to me and my brother to handle the kitchen. My dad only knows how to use the microwave and order pizza so he was definitely not allowed to help! ha ha. My mom came out a little after going to lie down and she just stood in the doorway. I looked at her and she was shaking almost like she was having a seizure. She just called "Kellie, something is wrong!" That it definitely was. My mom is diabetic and so I first thought that she must have really low blood sugar. She usually gets shaky when she gets below 60. I got out the glucose monitor and checked it while my sister was getting some juice for her to drink. The reading came back 367. Normal range is 70-110. Something was very wrong because she had barely had much to eat since she felt nauseous. She continued to shake and then had an excruciating pain in her upper right quadrant of her stomach. I looked at my dad and said "Um, we need some priesthood power up in here asap!" My brothers laughed cause they thought I was trying to be funny but I was dead serious. I guess that is what you get for being the youngest. No one takes you seriously. They gave her a blessing and as soon as the oil hit her head and my brother gave the anointing her shaking stopped. Miracle right in front of my eyes. We got her to finally agree to go the the ER and they did an ultrasound of her gallbladder. There was a build up of stones and inflammation was present. Her WBC count was out of control. She was rushed to emergency surgery. The surgeon had done about 500 gallbladder removals and he said that this was in his top 5 of worst he's ever seen. By the way, during this whole time, my brother is calling my dad trying to tell him what says is going on or what to expect. He thinks he is really hilarious. That is definitely one of his talents though is to make everyone feel a little more at ease, laugh, and not get too uptight in serious situations. He is an attorney. You would not expect him to be a comedian. Anyway, my mom is back home now with a JP drain still in place but feeling much better. I told her to milk the percocet as much as she can! ha ha. Oh the adventures that life throws at you!!! Hope you're enjoying your roller coaster ride as much as I am mine.

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  1. oh my goodness i'm glad everything turned out ok! you are such a solid rock to your family, i don't know if i would have been as quick to think as you!

    love you girl!!!