Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wake Up Call

So I have been getting up at 4:45am Tuesday-Friday to get the gym for 2 hours before I go to work. Man is it killer but I am so much more alert and ready to go for the day. I got a membership to a gym closer to my house. It's called LIFETIME. It is such a nice gym. They have everything you could ever imagine. I guess that's why it is also $52.00. I know, a bit pricy. But I saw a sign in the gym that said "Invest in yourself. There is only one. You cannot purchase a better or newer version." Looks like their marketing director is getting a bonus this year cause I am hooked. Yesterday I saw an old friend from way back there. Now that she knows I go at 5am I have to keep it up!!! Goodness. It feels good to do things I want to do!!! 


  1. girl. girrrrl. you are my hero. i tried getting up at five to work out for half an hour and i couldn't do it. and today i actually put on all my running clothes, was all ready to go but then i just decided to browse the internet instead. epic fail. we need to chat again soon so you can motivate me!!! like really though. miss you!

  2. Girl. Girrrl. You, my dear, are my hero! Seriously. You are so brave moving out to Texas! I dream of Billy Bob's every night. I want to be like you! Hopefully I'll come visit soon. I'm thinking maybe October or so. Let's talk soon!!!