Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wake Up Call

So I have been getting up at 4:45am Tuesday-Friday to get the gym for 2 hours before I go to work. Man is it killer but I am so much more alert and ready to go for the day. I got a membership to a gym closer to my house. It's called LIFETIME. It is such a nice gym. They have everything you could ever imagine. I guess that's why it is also $52.00. I know, a bit pricy. But I saw a sign in the gym that said "Invest in yourself. There is only one. You cannot purchase a better or newer version." Looks like their marketing director is getting a bonus this year cause I am hooked. Yesterday I saw an old friend from way back there. Now that she knows I go at 5am I have to keep it up!!! Goodness. It feels good to do things I want to do!!! 

Saturday, July 7, 2012


1. Started my new job. It's super weird going to work and not having anything else to do though. A little too much free time. I have a hard time not being on a schedule. I'm excited to be able to do things that I have wanted to do for a long time now though. Just takes some getting used to.
2. I really like being out of Provo. It's super refreshing and there are so many more people in my same situation in life. Older people is good too. A lot more depth. I also feel like I am moving forward and not being stagnant which is a really good feeling to have.
3. I put myself on a 12 month plan to move to the South. I fall more in love with the idea everyday.
4. Prusse Family Trip Next Summer: Disney Cruise to Caribbean. So excited!!!