Sunday, June 24, 2012


For those of you who know me, you know how much I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC. When I grow up, I want to be a country music star. I was anticipating the Chris Young concert for about three months now. He was the opening act when I went and saw Miranda Lambert for my birthday back in August. I love his voice, music, and he is not too bad on the eyes either. I was so excited for this concert that my friend Alexa and I went down almost 5 hours before Chris even took the stage. Let me just say that this turned into the best night of my life thus far.

Before the concert started, the radio station announced that they would be throwing out t-shirts with some containing back stage passes to meet Chris Young. I new that I was going to do what I could to get one of these tickets. They came around and I did not get one. Then about an hour later they came around throwing t-shirts again. I got one and inside was a pass with Chris Young's face on it. I was out of control excited. I literally was screaming. I am seriously the luckiest person in the world. I texted all of my friends to let them know what had happened and they were all freaking out for me too. My friend Alex was on his way up from Provo to SLC where the concert was at and he stopped at a grocery store and bought a poster and had the words, "All I can think about is getting you home Chris" written on it. It is a line from one of my favorite songs of his. But let's be honest. All of his songs are my favorite!!!

So the time came for me to arrive at the doors to line up for the meet and greet. There were about 15 people that had purchased the pass and 15 of us who won the pass. We were all so excited. The lady in front of me was at least 45 years old and it was her third time meeting him. She was obsessed. Little did I know that I now know why. I asked he what he was like and she said that he was super nice and just like a big teddy bear. I started to get kind of nervous cause I had no clue what I was going to say to him. I started thinking of scenarios in my head and then I was just like "Oh heck this is ridiculous! Just be yourself." The girls in back of my were just straight up drunk and acting like fools but they were sure fun to talk to.

So while I was waiting, I was trying to listen to the people in front of me and no one was talking to him. I was like I am just going to walk in there and give him a piece of Kellie Ann Prusse. haha So here it goes. Oh my word. I walked around the corner and there was this 6 ft 4in tall, dark, dreamy, and oh so ever better looking than I ever imagined man. haha I walked right up to him and said "Oh hey boy!" He just laughed and smiled. He shook my hand and I said "Hi, I'm Kellie. It is so good to meet you." I think he was a little taken back because no one walked in like that. They were all so quiet and star struck. Believe me. I was too but the last time I met a celebrity I just froze and it was the most awkward moment so I was not going to let that happen again and not with Chris Young!!! haha He then asked me a little about my self and I showed him the poster. He laughed and said "do you want me to sign it?" "Yeah, that would be so wonderful." I then told him how that was my favorite song of his and that if he wanted to give a little shout out to me before he sung that song that he had my permission. He just laughed and said "oh just a little shout out!?" haha We then took a picture with the sign, hugged me again and then I just said: "Chris, it was so good to meet you. Thank you so much." He said back to me "You're sweet girl. Thank you so much!" I just about died. Best hug I've ever had. BTW Everything said here was said with a southern accent. Literally. My Texas roots come back so much when I am back in my comfort zone. Oh how I miss the southern ways. We hugged again and then I left.

He was seriously so nice and down to earth. And you better believe that smile melts hearts. Definitely lived up to every expectation plus more. I'm even more of a fan. This honestly was a heaven sent message that I have got to get myself a southern man. Amen to that!

The most impressive thing though was that I kind of maybe got to see into the dressing rooms. The opening acts rooms were filled with tons of alcohol and they were just not being classy in the way they act and things they were saying. Chris Young's dressing room was filled with some chili, corn bread, and fountain drinks. Love it. I have no doubt that he drinks (seeing that his current single is entitled "Save Water, Drink Beer") but I thought that was super cool how down to earth he was and he was not just some musician who is drunk on stage but there to really play.

Basically yesterday was the BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!

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