Thursday, May 17, 2012

Young Working Professional

I got my first RN job!!! I am so excited. To be honest, it seems a little too good to be true. I feel so extremely blessed to have found a nursing job only three weeks after graduation. On average, it usually takes about 3 months for new grad nurses to find a job. I am going to be a Pediatric RN for a pediatrician in SLC. She works a lot with international adoption, teenage pregnancy, newborn babies, and then other clinic patients. So stoked! I will be working with her in her clinic. She works at a clinic with 4 other pediatricians and they all have their own RN. It is a Tuesday through Friday position. 7am-5pm. One Saturday a month. Seriously? Three day weekends every week. No way!!! I'm moving back home from June-August while my parents are home from their mission and then I will be moving to the Sugarhouse, SLC area. Show me the money!!!

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