Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You've had a birthday...

Happy Birthday to my niece Brielle!!! You're the cutest even when you're covered in cake.

I heard this from my sister-in-law and I thought it was hilarious. 
Braxton:  What is Brielle doing?
Kristin (Mom):  Throwing a tantrum...where do you think she learned that?
Braxton: Satan
While sitting in front of the oven waiting for cookies to bake...
Braxton:  Look Ashlyn, if you look right in here (pointing at the glass and his reflection) you can see my spirit.  This is my body (touching his arms and face) but that is my spirit.  Look, you can see your spirit too. 
Ashlyn:  Okay, my spirit has pretty hair like me.
My nieces and nephews are so funny!!! At least their parents can say that they tried. ;0)

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