Thursday, March 1, 2012

Strum Away

So I decided to fulfill one of my life long goals and learn to play the guitar. Best decision ever!!! For those of you who know me, music is basically the way I express myself. You can always tell what I am thinking by the music I am listening to. I also sing everywhere I go. The car, the shower, my room, to class, elevator, etc. I have to remind myself that people don't like to hear that. My family used to get so mad sometimes cause I would not stop singing. Thanks for putting up with my vocal sessions Prusse Family. My nieces are obsessed with Taylor Swift so we sing her songs a ton when the family is all together. They are my excuse for loving those cheezy songs. My brothers say that I have created little singing/dancing queens. I can't help it! It's hard to think that I used to be super shy around people and would run off a stage crying after a performance cause I was so scared of being in front of people. I obviously got over that! Well, somewhat. I still find myself very shy at moments. Music is also therapeutic for me. Whenever I am happy, frustrated, giddy, or sad there is always a song that just lets you escape and express how you feel. Today I learned a cover of Britney Spears Oops...I did it again. I know. Most of you probably just threw up in your mouth. But I have to say this cover is pretty rockin. I can't play as good as she does but it's a fun one. Gotta love Kina Grannis for the cover. My good friend, Angela Rowberry and I plan on going to her concert this summer. She is so talented. Music=happiness. Choose to be happy. Choose music.

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