Monday, July 18, 2011

Especially for Youth

I have been working as a health counselor for EFY-Provo this summer and it has been an amazing experience. I did not know if I would like being a health counselor since I absolutely loved being a youth couselor the last couple of years. It has been such a learning experiece. EFY is such a great program and allows you to grow just as much as the youth that come to EFY. I have been pushed to learn new things, not be so shy at times, and grow closer to the Savior. The link will take you to a video of my beautiful friend Angela and I singing a song that is on the EFY cd this year called "The One." It is my personal favorite and has a great message. Thanks to Angela for allowing me to sing with her. Below is also a picture of the infamous Blue Team with one of our session directors this summer, The Larsen Family. These are the people that I have been spending my summer with. They are all so differnt but equally stellar individuals and our team is unstoppable! I am going to miss working for EFY when it is over. Sometimes I find myself wondering how in the world I am getting paid to do what I do. Such a life building experience. A big thanks to Maggie, Brooke, Dan, Brad, Kendall, Angela, and Tia for making this experiece so memorable. There's no place like home!

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