Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Looking forward to SUMMER!!!

As the school semester is coming to an end, I cannot help but daydream of all of the fun things that I plan on doing this summer. I find myself having to remind myself to "keep up the good work" for only 2 more weeks and I will have successfully completed my first semester of the nursing program at UVU. It will be a much earned summer vacation.

I am so excited to be able to work this summer as an EFY Health Counselor. Working for EFY is such a fun experience and you get to meet so many amazing people! Plus, you get to eat at the Cannon Center at least once a day. They better have that soft serve ice cream machine and waffle station ready to go! I love EFY because I get to share my testimony and positive attitude with so many youth that are struggling and need some direction in their lives. Selfishly though, I work for EFY because I gain so much from it. Love my girls!!!

Some of the things that I plan on doing this summer:
1. First trip to California: Yes, it is true. I have never been to California. Sad right? Beach, Disneyland, and The Ellen Show are on my agenda. If I happen to fall in love with it, that is where I plan on moving after graduation, May 2012.
2. Family Reunion: Camping @ Cedar City Lodge. Lots of laughs and delicious food.
3. Hiking/Outdoor Sports/Giant Slip and Slide
4. The Dirty Dash: 10k Obstacle Course
5. Riding my bike...everywhere. Best purchase I made last summer. Beach cruisers are the bomb!


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