Thursday, February 10, 2011

For all you Haters

As I had started attending Utah Valley University (UVU), I often received many remarks and reactions when fellow classmates and professors discovered that I already had a Bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University. They treated me like some foreign invader of their turf. I do however still believe and will believe until the day that my soul lays to rest that BYU is the best University out there. I had so many amazing opportunities while attending and well, we have Jimmer Fredette. 

One BYU student dared to challenge the Jimmer Fever by writing The Daily Universe, the BYU student news, about how she was so tired of hearing about him. Well, simply said, she got Jimmered. Bless her. Lets just say that her facebook profile is now blocked from the student community. Whats even better? No one attacked her for her remarks. All she got was some harmless Mormon love. 

In a letter to the editor of the school’s Daily Universe, she wrote:
"I can’t walk across campus without hearing Jimmer Fredette’s name a dozen times. His name comes up everywhere: in class, at work, during lunch … really, people? Cut it out with the Jimmer worship. Last time I checked, idol worship was very much frowned upon in the scriptures.
Don’t you have a life to live? Then quit wasting it in front of the TV or in lines at the Marriott Center…
…As far as I’m concerned, Jimmer is perfectly free to live his dreams. If he reaches his goals and lives his dreams, more power to him. I would like the same courtesy from his fans: let me live my own dreams in peace, even if they don’t include ever sitting in the Marriott Center screaming my brains out."
Unfortunately for the Jimmer-unbeliever, she signed the letter with her real name. To make matters worse, she posted a status update to her open Facebook wall a few hours later she had more than 200 responses.

Here are some of my favorite facebook comments:

2 Jimmer 25:26- And we talk of Jimmer, we rejoice in Jimmer, we preach of Jimmer, we prophesy of Jimmer, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for domination of the 3 point line.


Why did Jimmer cross the road? Cause he got tired of crossing over Tre'Von!

You are hereby invited to attend The Church of Jimmer. We meet every Wednesday night and Saturday afternoon. 

Jimmer was dropped twice as a baby... once on Hiroshima and once on Nagasaki.

Stop...Jimmertime!!! (MC Hammer)

I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that The Jimmer is the truth!!!

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